What do you believe? Do you believe that there are things that are true? Not just true for you, but true for everyone?

It’s safe to say that all of us believe in reality. Fire is hot. Water pours. Wind blows. Sun shines. Rain falls. But what happens to the concept of reality when you think of Jesus? Somehow it has become normal to think that everyone can have a different opinion about Him and all be right — but that’s impossible.

Either He was a real person who performed miracles or He wasn’t. Either He said that He was divine or He didn’t. And He either came out of the tomb or He didn’t. Where do you look for the truth?

I don’t know what you’ve heard about the Bible. Maybe you’ve never read it, or maybe you grew up hearing parts of the Bible in church and it didn’t mean anything to you. But maybe you’ve finally come to the place where you want to stop to consider reality for yourself. Where do you even start?

The Bible is a book about God and how He came to earth, took on flesh and dwelt among us so that we could have newness of life through His death and resurrection. It is a story about love, pursuit and redemption. But you should find that out for yourself. Here are three pieces of advice that are crucial to consider when reading the Bible.

1. Try to get into a habit of reading the Bible every day. It’s important to read it consistently and intentionally rather than randomly and sporadically.

2. Next, it’s important to read the whole Bible. The Bible is telling a story and to understand it, you need to read the entire Bible and not just bits and pieces that seem easier to understand.

3. Finally, it’s important to read it personally. God is the author of the Bible, He is the whole point of the Bible, and if you want to find truth and understanding, you have to talk to Him about what you are reading.

It’s time for you to stop to consider the truth. It’s time to discover for yourself. It’s time to think again.

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